About the Confetti Media Group

Founded in 1994, the Confetti Media Group (CMG) is the umbrella name for a family of innovative and entrepreneurial businesses that work together to support and develop those studying and working in the creative, digital, and entertainment industries.

Now owned by Nottingham Trent University (NTU), CMG activities can be split into two distinct areas – education and commercial. The largest organisation in the group is the creative education provider Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies. It is surrounded and supported by a group of commercial enterprises – ConstellationsAntenna, Metronome, and Spool.

CMG are also partners with NTU in Notts TV – Nottingham’s dedicated TV station

CMG is one of the main creative industry employers in the region. It has more than 350 employees and is at the heart of Nottingham’s cultural, social and economic scene. With expansion into London on the horizon, the group has reached an exciting point in its history.